Mint App Review

Ballin’ on a budget? Same. I think most young adults fall under the category of starving, broke, college kid. With a limited income and even more limited experience trying to live in the real world, budgeting is an absolute must when you don’t know if you should hit up the McDonald’s dollar menu or treat … More Mint App Review

Trello App Review

Nothing is more maddening than trying to organize your life when you have ten million different things happening at once, but that is college and that is what being an 18-23 year old is. Somewhere between the complaints of group projects being unorganized, disproportionate work being done per group member, and seemingly technologically illiterate peers … More Trello App Review

Dashlane App Review

As a college student myself, I am sometimes a little scatterbrained… but other times I just really do not want to  be carrying a chunky wallet or purse around at all times! Fortunately, for those who are similar to me, there is now an application that can securely store all your information pertaining to personal … More Dashlane App Review

Flipagram App Review

With short videos being a capability in the last couple of years on Instagram, there evolved a new app that helped splice and add together videos and pictures into a single attachment. Thus, the birth of Flipagram. Flipagram is an application that is available in both the apple store and android for apps, and it … More Flipagram App Review

Any.Do App Review

For those who LOVE staying organized with tasks and also for those who don’t mind great apps at no cost, is the app to get. Not only is this app renowned by yours truly, it was the Winner of Apple’s Intuitive Touch Award and Android’s Best App of 2012. So, if you don’t believe … More Any.Do App Review

OfferUp App Review

If you have ever had any experience with buying and selling online via craigslist or even Facebook, it can be a pain trying to figure out exactly how to contact the buyer or seller, the reputation of the seller, the details of the item or even the price. With this app, OfferUp, it takes the … More OfferUp App Review

Quizlet App Review

Sorting through notes, frantically trying to read three chapters in one night, pulling all-nighters in attempts to condense everything into one place. Sound familiar? Sounds like college. Studying for exams can be tricky if you are not sure how to even get started. Luckily, there is an application called Quizlet that can help you study … More Quizlet App Review