Trello App Review

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Nothing is more maddening than trying to organize your life when you have ten million different things happening at once, but that is college and that is what being an 18-23 year old is. Somewhere between the complaints of group projects being unorganized, disproportionate work being done per group member, and seemingly technologically illiterate peers in regards to Google Docs, Trello was born. Trello is an application designed to keep everything you want organized, organized, labeled, separate, and clean. It is a tool that can be utilized for personal usage, just to keep track of ideas, notes, reminders, pictures and alarms in a board that you can sift through when you need to find something. Moreover, this is an incredibly user friendly application for those who often work in team environments. You can upload projects, tasks, create different stages of completion in a group and see who truly is pulling their own weight on a group project and who is slacking. I honestly wish I would have found this app sooner, it would have stayed a lot of frustration and a lot of long nights working on projects. And of course, it is free, because we both know that is what the most important part of this app review is. Also, you guessed it, Trello is iOS friendly and Android friendly, so you don’t really have a valid excused to get your life together and organized via an incredible application.


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