StudyBuddy App Review

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As dead week is upon us, we are all jam packed in the library desperate to find tutors and motivation. It is the last push before final exam week and really the only thing standing between us and winter break! Fear not, there is an application specifically designed for helping students focus, study, and end the monster of procrastination that seems to be slowly taking over everyone’s lives. Study Buddy is an application that was created to help students connect with other students, professors, and tutors who either need help in a specific subject or specialize in particular topics. It is really user friendly! Upon downloading the application, you select your school, add courses, filter the buddies you want to connect with enable push notifications, and then search for a buddy! You can do this by searching by the same course, same subject, or both! You can set restrictions on your phone when you are using the application so you can’t get side tracked with distractions or even slipping back into your procrastination ways. What’s more is that you can take pictures of problems, equations, short answers or even passages and ask for academic help! You can either meet up with a tutor or professor that you have connected with or you can do everything strictly online! In it, they will be able to provide ample explanations for your questions and help bring the academic community together. Furthermore, not only is this app absolutely useful for students, it is free. And we all know how much broke college kids love free things. But wait, there’s more! It is available for iOS devices as well as android. What a time to be alive.


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