Mint App Review

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Ballin’ on a budget? Same. I think most young adults fall under the category of starving, broke, college kid. With a limited income and even more limited experience trying to live in the real world, budgeting is an absolute must when you don’t know if you should hit up the McDonald’s dollar menu or treat yourself to a night out downtown. Mint is an application that condensing all of life’s expenses into a simple platform. How it works is you start off by entering in a yearly salary or if that is not exactly applicable, add in what you have in savings or what you will be receiving each month. From there, you can create all sorts of categories but also include how much you want to save each month. All you have to do is keep track of your transactions, which if you’re pinching pennies, you are more than likely keeping track of every dollar spent, where it was spent, and what it was spent on. You can turn on push-notifications so it will send you alerts of when you are close to going over your budget and also trips and tricks to help you be more frugal if you are exceeding your budget consistently. Furthermore, the security system is highly secure, even with the most sensitive of data so there is no need to worry about breaches. Last but not least, it is free and available for iOS and Android app stores. So what is holding you back from downloading this app and getting your financial life organized?!


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