Dashlane App Review

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As a college student myself, I am sometimes a little scatterbrained… but other times I just really do not want to  be carrying a chunky wallet or purse around at all times! Fortunately, for those who are similar to me, there is now an application that can securely store all your information pertaining to personal checking, PayPal, credit card, and banking information in one place. Everything else is mobile, so why not your wallet? Dashlane, the application, screenshots and saves any and all purchases made online using this app. It stores and itemizes the receipts into a nice, neat, no-paper folder on your phone. How convenient. Moreover, this app is accepted on every website, so no need to stress out about if your purchase is actually going to work! What is also neat about this application is that it can be linked to a billing addressed and it will send a notification and tell you when your cards are about to expire. With AES-256 encryption, this is an incredibly secure application, so identity theft should not be a worry lingering in the back of your head. Another wonderful aspect about this particular application is that it is available for iOS, Android, and Windows. There are two different options with this app, the first is free and it includes the features of autofill, password manager, ironclad security, and so on. The second option is an upgrade to premium for $39.99 a year and it expands the password sharing security from 5 individuals to an unlimited number. Overall, I would definitely recommend this application, especially the free option.


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