CliffsNotes App Review

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As a college student, between all my classes, athletics, friends, and attempting to keep my sanity, I struggle to find time to sit down and read a book thoroughly. Of course, being the good student I am, I always do the reading required, but whether or not I fully understand the main points is a whole different story. Thankfully, cue to apple commercials, there’s an app for that. CliffsNotes has always been a useful website but now it is condensed into a handy-dandy, pocket sized, phone/tablet sized application. CliffsNotes provides character, theme, and plot summaries and analysis as well as interactive quiz features, and audio CramCasts. I found this to be incredibly useful for English classes where literary evaluation of characters, character development, and plot development were necessary. For someone who tends to go brain-dead every once in a while due to stress, school, and life, this application truly has been a lifesaver when I cannot articulate anything to save my life. It is a great kickstarter in delving into asking harder questions! This application is really designed to give further analysis of the provided text for anyone who feels the need to think more critically. The best parts about this app, aside from the actual utility of it, is that it is free AND it is available in the apple store as well as the android store. How great is that?! I would definitely recommend this application to any student, not just college aged kids, to download this app and take advantage of this useful tool!


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