SelfControl/Anti-Social App Review

SelfControl Logo


Anyone who has ever struggled with procrastination, meeting deadlines, or just plain old focusing, this application is a surefire way to avoid being distracted by social media. How can this be?! Well, this app, SelfControl, lets the user block any websites, apps, email servers, or anything else that might be deemed as disruptive when studying, for a set amount of time. Unlike other applications, this one will not let you access what you have restricted by a flip of a switch! It locks everything you have set until the allotted time is up, no matter how desperate you are to check your social media accounts, even if you restart your phone or delete the app. This application is free, which is always nice, but it is only for iOS operating systems. A similar application, that is available for Apple and Android is an app called Anti-Social. It is very similar to SelfControl, but it comes with a preset blacklist of websites and applications that users can add too. Anti-Social has basically all the same functions and features, but with the minor difference in shutting the app down. If an emergency comes up and you really need to access something that you have blocked on your phone, you can restart your phone and the restrictions will be let up so you can access them. Either way, these applications are free, useful, and good for time management!


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