Flipagram App Review

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With short videos being a capability in the last couple of years on Instagram, there evolved a new app that helped splice and add together videos and pictures into a single attachment. Thus, the birth of Flipagram. Flipagram is an application that is available in both the apple store and android for apps, and it is free. Who doesn’t love free things? It is incredibly user friendly when it comes to editing, and also, through google play and apple music, there is the option to add music to the product! This application is a fun way to capture memories and throw together instant memories that can be shared via social media. Moreover, the application itself is evolving into a social media platform itself with the ability to make flips, reflip flips, and make private flips. You can follow people to find more videos and use it as a way to discover all sorts of videos specific to whatever topic you’d like to explore more! While, this product is very useful in capturing memories, there are, however, time limits. Depending on the music being used, and where it is coming from, there are restrictions. In my own personal experience, the longest a typical flip that is made is roughly a minute and twenty seconds. In relation to Instagram, it will really only upload about a minute of the flip. So while there are many wonderful aspects of this handy dandy application, there are a few restrictions. Furthermore, the editing option is very limited and it can be incredibly frustrating, especially when trying to get timing correct with the music. Overall, I would recommend this application to anyone who likes to capture moments and memories and hold onto them for as long as their digital life lives.


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