OfferUp App Review

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If you have ever had any experience with buying and selling online via craigslist or even Facebook, it can be a pain trying to figure out exactly how to contact the buyer or seller, the reputation of the seller, the details of the item or even the price. With this app, OfferUp, it takes the hassle out of nearly everything. This application is available for both iPhone and Androids, which makes this app even more marketable, easy to use and it is free!

This app is incredibly user friendly. You can set the search settings to make it super local in relation to where you are at. Also, unlike other platforms, there are chat streams that you can utilize without having to give out personal information to potential buyers or sellers. Wanting to sell something? All you have to do is snap a picture with your smartphone and set a price, or list in the description for the buyer to make an offer. All of this can be done in minutes, so it is very time efficient! OfferUp is very much based on building a trusting community! With this application, there are user profiles, making it possible to know a little bit more about buyers and sellers before you engage with them. Furthermore, there is a rating measurement to keep buyers and sellers honest with the community. Lastly, there are real-time alerts that you can have sent to your phone when there is a potential buyer for something you have listed or a seller has gotten back to you about an inquiry!

Overall, especially as a college student, I would recommend this app for quick buying and selling. It is easy to sift through the things you want and don’t want using this app. Also, everything being listed is more than likely going to be used and therefore cheaper. And who doesn’t like to save a couple bucks?


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