WhatsApp Review

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Ever been in a painful group text that has a mixture of iPhone users as well as Android users? For Android users, it is a nightmare getting all separate text messages out of context from the group text and for iPhone users, the green and grey message stream, is not nearly as aesthetically pleasing and a blue and grey stream. Furthermore, you cannot even name the group message. What’s the point. Fortunately, there is an app for that, whatsapp to be exact! Whatsapp is an application that unites iOS and Android users onto a platform where group chats become less of a headache. Through this app, you can text, send pictures, videos, voice messages, and yes, even name the group chat. Not only is this application useful for group texts, but also international messaging because it uses wifi or data as opposed to actual cell service. Each message is secured with end-to-end encryption, therefore third party users cannot read any messages being sent via the application. Now, tackling the aesthetic issue, you can customize the wallpaper of a message stream or group chat to either a picture or a color. Bye-bye ugly green and grey message streams! Also, whatsapp is incredibly user friendly and free! Personally, I started using this app last year in order to be in communication with my teammates and coach in order to know when practices and games were; it has proven to be efficient, and effective for its purpose. The next time you get caught in a group message that integrates iPhone users and Android users, remember that whole mess can be avoided by only downloading a free app from the app store.


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