Gas Buddy App Review

What is GasBuddy? That is the question that I asked myself this past week while scouring the app store on my phone in hopes of finding a diamond in the rough. GasBuddy is a free application for both iOS and Android that essentially compares the closest gas stations in their prices. It states how far away the gas stations are according to the user’s current location, the actual price of regular gasoline but the type of gasoline price can be customized so that midgrade, premium, and diesel are also shown. The app is updated by users themselves as the prices of gasoline changes and the time stamp of when the prices were last updated. Moreover, if you simply do not have enough room on your iPhone or Android, there is a website that can be opened in a web browser and it gives the same exact information, but in a less aesthetically pleasing form. For a monetarily challenged college student living hours away from their usual income (parents), this app is incredibly useful, and also free.

Image result for gas buddy


As mentioned earlier though, the accuracy of the app and the gas prices are contingent on the actual users, so if there are not many users in the area, the chances of the app being correct are lower as opposed to in an area where the usage of the application is higher. Furthermore, for students, like myself, who do currently do not have a car, this application is pretty useless, unless of course you are trying to be a good friend to those who do end up toting you around. Other than those two factors, this application seems to be extremely useful.  Oh, did I mention that it is free?


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